NOTE: Lone Star Orthodontics and Medicaid insurance

If you have not already received information from Medicaid and Lone Star Orthodontics about this change, you will be receiving it at your next appointment.  You will have the option to choose between three options to continue your care or finish treatment.  That decision must be made as soon as possible to make arrangements for your continued care.

What Does This Mean for Existing and Potential New LSO Patients with Medicaid Insurance? If you are here for a new patient evaluation, today you or your child will be evaluated for orthodontic needs by our doctors.  If the doctor determines that you MIGHT qualify for braces (orthodontic treatment) through Medicaid, we will submit the necessary paperwork to obtain authorization, with no guarantee of Medicaid’s decision.  However, it is our experience, after doing thousands of Medicaid new patient exams since the changes on March 1, 2012, that LESS THAN 1% (<1 out of  100 Medicaid patients) are qualifying for orthodontic treatment under the new rules and criteria. DO NOT EXPECT MEDICAID TO COVER YOUR ORTHODONTICS or YOU WILL PROBABLY BE DISAPPOINTED.  However, LSO is able to offer Medicaid patients  that do not qualify for the Medicaid orthodontic program, an affordable payment plan and immediate attention to get your or your child’s smile straight and beautiful/handsome, the way you want it right away.  If you have any questions about your appointment date, please be sure to notify our office by calling 512-278-1111. What Do I Need to Do? Your part is to call your managed care company to confirm and obtain continuation of treatment information and once you receive notice from Medicaid, please call us immediately with that information so we can schedule your next appointment, if necessary.  For more information from Medicaid, you can call the following toll-free numbers: Texas Star Program 800-964-2777 (Questions about managed care) or 1-877-847-8377 (1-877-THSTEPS) Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., Central Time. TTY number 1- 800 – RELAY TX (735-2989)